Video Security System

Video Security SystemWe don’t know how long we can continue to offer a fabulous Honeywell eight-camera video security system for less than $2200. A state of the art Honeywell video security system with day/night vision cameras costs a whole lot more from other vendors. Do yourself a favor and call Armguard Security at 1.800.654.7797 right now.

The video security system world has changed tremendously over the past decades in terms of the types of equipment and devices used to record surveillance efforts. Home and business owners rely on cameras to watch over their properties. Digital video recorders or DVRs come in a wide variety of models, from satellite, to cable, television, PC, and even stand-alone models. This gives users many options to suit their needs, capabilities, and preferences. Even size varies greatly when it comes to this type of security system; some may prefer portable models, small, desktop, to even industrial or commercial models. There’s also a long list of features to choose from, such as night vision, infrared, and auto-start recording. Confused about which to choose? Security Cameras Los Angeles can help you decide which type of cameras or which kind of security system you should install in your home.

A video security system can have as little as just one camera to record surveillance to as many as the surveyed space requires. Normally, a camera is installed every 1000 square feet of space (93m2). A property with an existing VCR system can usually upgrade to DVR and still use their old CCTV cameras, as systems like these are flexible enough to accommodate different kinds of devices.   

Security Cameras Los Angeles is a good source of surveillance and security system solutions to keep your family, business, and home safe from security and safety breaches. You can even have remote access to these systems via your computer, iPhone, Android or Blackberry, with the right system and applications installed. Talk to us to know more.


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